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Special Offer: The Innovator’s Toolkit

Why do so many fail at innovation? And how can you succeed?

That’s one of the things our team explored when they wrote The Innovator’s Toolkit. Eight years and a second edition later, we’re delighted that the toolkit has been a popular reference to so many!

For those new to the toolkit, find out what you’ve been missing in this limited-time offer to download the 19-page intro for free.

Written by BMGI innovation coaches and facilitators, The Innovator’s Toolkit is an essential reference book covering 50+ techniques to drive organic growth. Before we dig into the techniques, we set the stage for why systematic innovation is so important with a look at how people solve problems, what it means to have a balanced innovation portfolio, and an overview of the D4 methodology for front-end innovation.

We also look at the importance of both divergent and convergent thinking within the phases of innovation management.

See how you can define opportunities, discover ideas, develop designs and demonstrate innovations that succeed.

Access your copy of the 19-page intro here!

p.s. Special offer for those who download…watch for even more of The Innovator’s Toolkit to come your way!