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Biomimicry looks to nature for solutions

Biomimicry: The Best Ideas Might Already Have Been Invented

After 3.8 billion years of life on Earth, life has learned what works and what lasts. It’s possible that the best ideas might not be ours; they might already have been invented. That’s the premise of biomimicry and the start to this visually stunning, thoughtfully done new film on biomimicry. 

“Perhaps we should be looking at these mentors, at these biological elders, they have figured out how to create a sustainable world. So rather than invent from scratch, why don’t we take our cues from them?”

Featuring Janine Benyus, founder of the Biomimicry Institute, the film covers how mimicking nature solves some of our most pressing problems, from reducing carbon emissions to saving water.

Recommended by BMGI’s Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel, this is a video that everyone should watch! For more on how nature can inspire you to innovate in new ways, check out the Inspired by Nature workshop.


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